BHE Compression Services (BHECS) is an industry leader in health, safety and environmental practices. A core value of BHECS is to perform all tasks in the safest and most environmentally sound manner, helping ensure people work incident-free while protecting the environment for future generations.

BHECS management is required to lead by example and is fully accountable for their actions and those of the employees that fall under their supervision. BHECS managers are fully engaged in HSE practices, and ensure the activities in their work groups fully comply with regulatory, internal and customer requirements.

BHECS employees are completely engaged in hazard identification and risk mitigation, and they possess stop-work authority pertaining to all HSE work tasks. BHECS employees also look out for their co-workers, contractors, customers, and the general public within their work and travel areas. Our motto is, “We do it safely and in a manner that is environmentally friendly or we don’t do it.”

BHECS field equipment leads the industry in safety, quality, cleanliness, and minimizing environmental impact. BHECS sets a standard for field equipment that other similar companies strive to meet. BHECS is pursuing a patent on equipment developed to eliminate or capture raw methane emissions, while optimizing emissions that can’t be eliminated – making the company vision for a cleaner environment become reality.

BHECS works only with the safest and most environmentally conscious contractors available in the industry. BHECS performs continual evaluations of its contractors based on several HSE factors, and does not settle for anything less than a complete commitment to HSE principles.

BHECS works hard every day to achieve the top rating in customer service. Employees of BHECS work closely with customers and behind the scenes in the support sector to ensure the customer is completely satisfied with the performance of the equipment and the services provided.

The process of continual HSE improvement is engrained in BHECS management and all employees. At BHECS we don’t settle for the norm… we work hard to improve safety and to better protect the environment each and every day.

Michael S. Robbins
President and Chief Executive Officer
BHE Compression Services