BHE Compression Services is the new leader in environmentally clean, low-emission, large-horsepower contract compression services. We are committed to executing creative and innovative solutions that minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.

  • People – First and foremost, we work every day to get our people home safely to their family and friends. We are continually identifying opportunities to partner with like-minded organizations to enable our team to accelerate our vision both internally and externally. We are always making time to invest in our people, their friends, family and the communities we work and live in.

  • Technology – We utilize the latest technology to improve safety, operational reliability and environmental impact while maintaining a “small company” feel and entrepreneurial spirit. Asset monitoring and actionable analysis is used to minimize operational downtime and trips to the field. Our team is committed to engraining sustainable practices into our operating culture.

  • Environment – We are the first to engineer, design, pursue a patent and operate a compressor package that eliminates and captures raw methane emissions, minimizes combustion emissions, and ensures compliance 24/7. Our operations have a target methane intensity of 0.2% or less, setting us on a course to be the leader in clean emission, large-horsepower applications worldwide.

We are here to be the new leader in the compression industry, working tirelessly to achieve zero recordable injuries and zero preventable vehicle incidents. We strive to maintain a positive relationship with our people, customers and the communities we live in, 100% reliability, and zero greenhouse gas emissions. Our work to improve and raise the bar will never be complete!